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Combat Flights Gippsland

Real Top Gun flight experience

West Sale, Gippsland 

Now you have had the chill at our relaxing accommodation, why not feel the thrill – the thrill of warbird aerobatics that is. Combat Flights Gippsland may be just what you're looking for! Warbird Flights are a high speed, high G-force combat style flight experience unlike any other in the civilian world.

This is truly the experience of a lifetime. Aerobatic Warbird Flights are fully customisable to your desires, from mild to wild, it's absolutely up to you!  You call the shots. We start gently and ramp it up, if you let us, for a full high G workout. You will wear the full WWII helmet and you are in constant communication with the pilot who will be talking you through our aerobatic manoeuvres. Fly over the stunning vistas of Gippsland – The Middle of Everywhere, from the beautiful 90-mile beach to the edge of the Great Dividing Range.

Combats Flights Gippsland crew are highly experienced airline, aerobatic and ex-RAAF pilots with thousands of hours of aerobatic experience between them and with over 4,000 aerobatic flights completed and an impeccable safety record. We have nothing but 5-star reviews. Not sure if it’s for you, then we offer gift vouchers for that someone special.

Combat Flights Gippsland operate from West Sale Airport, Fulham in Gippsland. Our flight options vary depending upon how much of a daredevil you are and can be found here.

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